“Rebecca Fox has my wholehearted endorsement for Trustee, in part because her many hours of training show she has dedicated herself to the craft which is school board service.

Everyone knows about Rebecca's enthusiastic attendance at school events, but not everyone knows she is just as enthusiastic to do the hard work needed to be a truly effective trustee.  She has earned the distinction “Master Trustee” by completing the year-long Leadership TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) program, in which “participants...discover solutions for today’s public education challenges and learn how to address the challenges the future is expected to bring.”  The elite program is not open to everyone—members are selected for demonstrated leadership in their local ISD and community—and Rebecca is the only current Katy ISD trustee with the distinction.  She has hundreds of hours of additional training (see the continuing education report on the board member page on Katyisd.org) but the “LTASB” hours represent time working on a complex problem and report due at the end of the program. This “dissertation” represents Rebecca’s willingness to tackle the hard problems facing public education. Additionally, Rebecca works hard to represent Katy ISD to the state legislature, and actively works with them on educational issues such as education reform, finance reform, etc.  

Other endorsements will praise her dedication to students and teachers and her other distinctions and honors, but as a former trustee, I know what behind-the-scenes work Rebecca has done to become our most-trained trustee.  Her dedication to the craft is also evident every month in the questions she asks at the meetings which show me her hours of preparation before each meeting.  She proudly has my vote and my endorsement for trustee.” 

Former Katy ISD Trustee

"Rebecca Fox has been an inspiration and dedicated supporter to the students, teachers, parents, administrators and community in the Katy independent School District.  In order to keep abreast of what is occurring in the district, Mrs. Fox continually visits campuses across the district, by reading to students, presenting to PTA groups and attending an array of activities and events.  She has also served on numerous district committees such as Campus Advisory Teams, Bond and Rezoning Committees.  As a board of trustee in the past, she has made decisions and voted on recommendations which have been in the best interest of students in the district. I endorse Rebecca Fox for the Katy ISD School Board."

Jenks Elementary Namesake and Retired Educator

"You are a wonderful passionate board member who cares about the students, parents and teachers. We need you to continue on the School Board."

Community Leader

"I support REBECCA FOX for position 1 in the upcoming school board election. She is a treasure to the entire Katy community. Her love and pride for our city and KISD motivates her to advocate for the students, teachers and parents of our premier school district. She is an active board member who is out and about making regular campus visits, attending extra-curricular activities and continuing her professional development on educational issues to enable her to make fair and informed decisions for KISD. I encourage you to vote for REBECCA FOX to continue her positive role in leadership, experience and knowledge of KISD."

Bethke Elementary School Namesake and Retired Educator

"I’ve known Rebecca Fox for many years and I appreciate her commitment to Katy ISD and her love and passion for kids."

Business Owner

"Many thanks to you, Rebecca Fox, for your many years of service and willingness to continue to serve Katy ISD. Your love, passion, dedication and support for the students, staff and parents of Katy ISD is extraordinary. I appreciate all you do for Katy ISD."

Retired Educator

"Rebecca Fox has played an important role in the life of Katy ISD. As a Board member,  she has helped guide Katy ISD through important years of growth.  During this time, she has made it a point to know, first hand, what is going on in Katy’s schools. Her position on the School Board will allow her to continue to help make Katy ISD an outstanding school district.”

Wilson Elementary Namesake and Retired Educator

"Since becoming the first PTA president of the newly opened Creech Elementary School Rebecca’s support and dedication to Katy ISD has never wavered.  She works tirelessly for the benefit of all the students and staff."

Namesake family

"As a Board member, Rebecca has demonstrated an unwavering commitment and dedication to maintaining a high level of quality in Katy ISD.   She leads with a servant’s heart and exemplifies decision making based on her convictions and what she believes is right for the district.  We believe Rebecca Fox is the right choice for Katy ISD."

Shafer Elementary Namesakes and Retired Educators

“Rebecca Fox has been a tireless advocate for all children and a stalwart supporter of this community for more than two decades.  She has dedicated her time, considerable talents and resources to Katy I.S.D. with an enduring attitude of optimism and enthusiasm.  Her outstanding leadership as a Trustee spans the years of tremendous growth within our district.  Rebecca has demonstrated integrity throughout her years of public service.  She has the ability to listen to different viewpoints, to discern the needs of all stakeholders and has the experience to make informed decisions.
Rebecca has always endeavored to do what is right for students and for our community.  I enthusiastically support her bid to continue her service on the Katy I.S.D. Board of Trustees.”

Davidson Elementary Namesake and Retired Educator

"I have known Rebecca since she served as the first PTA President at Sue Creech Elementary. The constant through the years has been her love of Katy ISD and her passion for making sure that all students have the opportunity to excel and find their own passion."

Creech Elementary Family Namesake

"Your passion for each and every student, faculty... the entire Katy ISD community is evident by your continuous dedication."

Retired Educator

"I have known Rebecca Fox for almost 20 years. Over the years she has shown her compassion towards others, love of learning for all and has been an advocate for children and teachers throughout our district. She inspires all to give their best, especially when helping children. I trust her leadership and voice to represent me, my children or my community."

KISD teacher

"I have known and worked with Rebecca Fox for more than 15 years. In my view, Ms. Fox’s leadership and passion for providing a safe, secure, efficient, and effective school environment and other learning opportunities is evident by her exemplary voluntary service to Katy ISD. Rebecca has honorably served as a member of the Katy ISD Board of Trustees, championing student, teacher, and support employee issues while being sensitive to community needs. Because of her knowledge, experience, and leadership, it is my privilege to endorse Rebecca Fox’s re-election to the Katy ISD Board of Trustees"

Namesake of Mark Hopkins Law Enforcement Center and Katy ISD Police Chief, Retired

"I support Rebecca Fox's candidacy for reelection to the Katy ISD Board of Trustees.  Character, integrity and honesty are not just words for this candidate.  They are a description of Rebecca Fox and her passion for excellence for the entire Katy community, its students and the district's faculty and staff.  Her record as a trustee and as a parent has always been a record of continual improvement, equal opportunity and a sharp focus on providing exceptional educational opportunities for all students. She listens and she leads with full transparency.  Her record of voting as a member of the board of trustees is aligned with these non-negotiable priorities.  I trust her judgment, her knowledge, and her experience and I support her candidacy in this important school board election."

Katy ISD Superintendent 1984-2006 and Merrell Center Namesake

"Rebecca is the most dedicated School Board member who I have known. She spends countless hours in support of students and staff of Katy ISD."

Former KISD Trustee

A motivational speaker for KATYISD VIPS used the word "VALUED" as most important in working with people.  Making everyone feel VALUED is one of Rebecca's greatest strengths.  She is and has been making a tremendous difference in the lives of countless students and educators through her committed service in our schools and community.  Rebecca is "defined by generosity"  of her time, experience, and service to others.  Because of her willingness to give of herself generously, KISD's youth are being prepared for lives of significance and purpose.  PLEASE VOTE REBECCA FOX FOR KATYISD BOARD.

Namesake and Katy ISD Superintendent 1984-2006

"I’ve known Rebecca Fox for many years and in that time, I’ve always known her to be honest, forthright, principled, and absolutely devoted to the students and faculty of KISD. She’s always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of the District and I’m proud to support her."

Community Volunteer